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Fun Website to learn to type

Online Writing Center

Digital Keyboarding Standards



Spacing Rules


Spacing Rule Flashcards



Letter Unit Resources


Letter Test Review & flash cards


Big Picture.pdf

Letter notes.pdf

Memo picture.pdf


Hokey Pokey Music



Hokey Pokey Words


Letter Hokey Pokey Words

You type the Return Address first
    You return one time
You type the Date next
    You return four times

Chorus--You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around
            That’s what it’s all about!

You type the Letter Address and
    You return two times
You type the Salutation next
    You return two times
You type the SUBJECT LINE now
    You return two times
You type the Body next
    You return two times
You Single space the Paragraphs
    and double between
You type Complimentary Close
    You return four times
You type the Writers Name and
    You return two times
You type the Reference Initials
    You return two times
You type the Enclosure Notation and
    You return two times
You type the Copy Notation and
    that is the end.

MLA Report References


MLA Report Style Manual




Citation Machine


Easy Bib



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